Tower House Pharmacy Goes Transatlantic!

(Posted on 24/07/14)

Tower House Pharmacy Goes Transatlantic!
Every year in April an exchange student from the School of Pharmacy in Denver, Colorado comes to Tower House Pharmacy for 6 weeks to learn all aspects of UK pharmacy.

They follow a detailed training program from the university which Jonathan Wood, the Pharmacy Manager,  supplements with his own program so that the student not only spends time working in the pharmacy but also gets a taste of British culture.  Jonathan and his family take the student for days out around the UK and to local football matches or soccer as the students call it! 

Tower House Pharmacy Manager Jonathan Wood said, “I've been working with the School of Pharmacy in Denver as an Accredited Preceptor (Training Manager) for a few years now.  It’s really great for the students to come over and experience working in a pharmacy which is part of the local community. They get a real taste of pharmacy life and British culture”.

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