South Kirkby Pharmacy Supports Good Sexual Health

(Posted on 11/02/15)

South Kirkby Pharmacy Supports Good Sexual Health

South Kirkby Pharmacy is a discreet first port of call for support and advice in maintaining good sexual health. 

The team at South Kirkby Pharmacy can offer advice on all aspects of good sexual health, from the emergency contraceptive pill and erectile dysfunction to sexually transmitted infections and ensuring you are practicing safe sex.

“If you have had unprotected sex or if your contraceptive method has failed, emergency contraception, or ‘the morning after pill’, can be used to prevent pregnancy, and there are different types of contraceptive pill available” said the Pharmacy Manager. 

It’s estimated that half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 will, to some degree have erectile dysfunction or impotence.  The team at South Kirkby Pharmacy can give advice on making changes to your lifestyle that might improve the symptoms such as stopping smoking, losing weight and taking regular exercise.

One of the most common sexually transmitted infections is Chlamydia.  “Many people don’t have any symptoms so are unaware that they are infected. Chlamydia can be easily diagnosed with either a urine test or a swab of the infected area and is easily treated with antibiotics.”

The Pharmacy Manager said, “No appointment is necessary and you can speak with our Pharmacist in the privacy of a consultation room, without being overheard.”

To find out more about South Kirkby Pharmacy’s services, follow us on Twitter @sthkirkbypharm, find us on Facebook or call in and speak to us at South Kirkby Pharmacy, Church View Health Centre, Langthwaite Road, South Kirkby, Pontefract WF9 3AP.  Telephone 01977 649283.

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