Understanding your medicines

What is a Medicines Use Review?

Pharmacy medicines & tablets

The way you take prescribed medicines can make a big difference to how effective they are. It’s easy to make mistakes without even realising it – studies show that around half of all prescribed medicines aren’t taken properly. Our free Medicines Use Review is your chance to have a private, face-to-face conversation with a pharmacist to better understand how and when to take your medicines, what they are doing for you and how to control any side effects.

It’s a completely free service which will leave you feeling confident that you’re getting the best from the medicines that you have been prescribed.

How do I know if I need a Medicines Use Review?

A Medicines Use Review is a good idea for anyone taking prescribed medicines on a long term basis, but is especially important if:

  • You are unsure about what your medicines do for you
  • Your symptoms aren’t under control
  • You find it hard to remember when to take your medicines
  • You’re not sure how and when to take your medicines
  • You think you are experiencing side effects
  • You find it difficult to take or swallow your medicines

Even if you feel that these signs don’t apply to you, our pharmacist may still be able to spot issues of which you’re not aware. For example you may be taking your medicines regularly but not at the correct time of day.

What will happen at my Medicines Use Review?

We’ll invite you for an appointment at South Kirkby Pharmacy. Once there, you’ll sit down with our pharmacist in a private consultation room for a chat which will probably take around fifteen minutes. This is your chance to ask any questions you may have about your medicines. Our pharmacist will also ask you questions, so together you can find out how to deal with any problems you may be experiencing, so you can get the very best from your medicines. You’ll be given a copy of the review, including an action plan and this may also be sent to your doctor.

How can I arrange a Medicines Use Review?

Call us on 01977 649283 or come and see us at South Kirkby Pharmacy to arrange a convenient appointment time.