Newton Place Pharmacy Supports Blood in Pee Campaign

(Posted on 05/02/16)

Newton Place Pharmacy Supports Blood in Pee Campaign

Did you know that blood in your pee could be a sign of bladder or kidney cancer?  The NHS’s Be Clear on Cancer campaign is focusing on bladder and kidney cancer throughout February and March and are urging you to visit your GP if you notice blood in your pee, even if you only see it once.  “It’s likely to be nothing serious,” said Blessing Adeyemi, Pharmacy Manager at Newton Place Pharmacy, “but if it is cancer, the earlier you find out the more treatable it makes it.”

Each year in England around 17,450 people are diagnosed with bladder or kidney cancer and whilst these cancers can affect people of all ages, they are most common in those over 50.

“There are other symptoms to consider, but you won’t be wasting anyone’s time by getting checked out as soon as you notice this sign,” said Blessing.  “And remember there are many things you can do to help reduce your chances of getting bladder or kidney cancer.”

“Stop smoking!  Maintain a healthy weight! Keep active! Eat healthily!” 

The team at Newton Place Pharmacy can help and support you to make healthy lifestyle choices for you and your family.  Just call in and have a chat with a member of the team.  Open early til late, 7 days a week!

To find out more about Newton Place Pharmacy’s services, follow us on Twitter @newtonpharm, find us on Facebook or call in and speak to us at Newton Place Pharmacy, Newton Place Surgery, Newton Road, Faversham, Kent ME13 8FH.  Telephone 01795 597509.  Open 7am to 10.30pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sundays.


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