Margate Pharmacy helps lifelong smoker quit

(Posted on 09/01/14)

Margate Pharmacy helps lifelong smoker quit
A Smoking Cessation course at Margate Pharmacy has helped a long-term smoker with a serious lung condition kick the habit.

Peter Johnson, 75, from Margate was classed as a ‘life-long’ smoker, having smoked for 55 years, but has now given up after completing a 12-week Smoking Cessation course at the pharmacy.        

Peter suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a lung disease which restricts lung airflow and interferes with normal breathing. A long-term condition characterized by shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing, COPD cases are caused by the harmful effects of long-term tobacco use; as the lung function deteriorates, patients become more susceptible to infections. By quitting, Peter has avoided exacerbating his condition further.

Stephen Foster, Pharmacy Manager at Margate Pharmacy said: “Peter was the first person to complete our Smoking Cessation course and we were all very pleased for him. He’s smoked most of his life and quitting is the most significant step we could take to improving his breathing.

“We currently have approximately 30 patients on the programme all at different stages of the courses, with around ten others who have completed their Smoking Cessation courses but Peter was the first and it was as milestone moment both for him and for the pharmacy.

“These Smoking Cessation courses really make a difference to people’s lives and Peter is a great example of that.”

Peter Johnson said: “The Smoking Cessation course at Margate Pharmacy has been wonderful for me. I’ve smoked since I was a young man and never been able to quit on my own, but the advisors help you through every step of the way so you get the support you need. 

“Having COPD meant that quitting was really my only option but having smoked for so long it was a difficult process for me.   

“I just want to say a huge thanks to all the staff and urge other people to seek out this service because it really works.”

With funding aid from Kent County Council, the Smoking Cessation service will continue to run at Margate Pharmacy in 2014.

Smokers can seek the help and advice of a qualified Smoking Cessation advisor who works with patients to help them to find the right solution. The service includes carbon monoxide monitoring and blood pressure monitoring as well as providing medical aids such as patches, sprays and lozenges.

This service is offered free for patients eligible for free prescriptions or charged at one NHS prescription charge (£7.85) per supply for patients who pay for prescriptions.

For more information about the Smoking Cessation courses visit: or call in to the Pharmacy.

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