New Weight Loss Service Launched

(Posted on 14/07/12)

New Weight Loss Service Launched

King's Road Pharmacy has today launched the Lipotrim Weight Loss Service.

Being overweight can cause many life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. If you are overweight and serious about losing weight, you can now get professional help and support from  King's Road Pharmacy and The Lipotrim Programme.

What is the Lipotrim Weight Loss Programme?

It is a total food replacement programme that can help you with safe and effective weight loss. The Lipotrim programme provides all the vitamins, minerals and nourishments your body requires.

The Lipotrim weight loss programme is ideal for people with the need to lose more than one stone and who struggle to lose weight through traditional means.

Lipotrim involves the use of nutrient-complete formula total food replacement products, developed in Britain by qualified nutritionists and experts in weight management, and proven to be safe and effective in helping you lose weight.

The unique foods keep you healthy whilst losing weight by providing the full range of nutrients your body needs for a normal, active life.

About Lipotrim:

Lipotrim started out in 1987 as a weight loss programme available from your GP Surgery but was extended to pharmacy to make it more accessible to those who were serious about wanting to lose weight

Lipotrim is a reliable, maximum rate weight loss programme that was introduced into pharmacies in 2000 after more than 13 years in GP surgeries.

Our trained healthcare team are ideally placed to help you manage your weight as they already provide many healthcare services to customers in addition to general advice on nutrition and healthy living. Our trained advisors also know when a weight problem can be managed in the pharmacy and when there is a medical problem that needs co-operation with your doctor.

To take your first steps to successful weight loss call us on 01423 522 076 to arrange an appointment or visit us in the pharmacy. 

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