Hope Farm Pharmacy to offer new weight loss service

(Posted on 07/01/14)

Hope Farm Pharmacy to offer new weight loss service
A local pharmacy is offering a programme previously only available in doctors surgeries for people wanting to lose the festive season bulge. 
Pharmacists at Hope Farm Pharmacy in Great Sutton are now offering the Lipotrim programme to customers, providing both the products and the guidance required. 

Richard Stanhope, manager at Hope Farm Pharmacy, said: “The Lipotrim programme has proved to be an extremely effective way to lose weight for many years, and we’re delighted that we can now offer this in the pharmacy. 

“It’s certainly not an easy diet, but it really works. Our job is to help our customers achieve their target weight and, most importantly, maintain it.”

The Lipotrim programme involves replacing all traditional food with the low calorie, nutritious Lipotrim formula foods. Richard says that with compliance, the strict programme enables women to lose about a stone a month, and men one-a-half-stone. 

An audit of 13,149 patients from a group of pharmacies, losing more than 5% of their initial weight (the internationally recognised threshold for medical benefit from weight loss), showed that 6575 people lost more than 9%. From that group, 488 patients lost more than 24% of their initial weight, demonstrating that weight loss with Lipotrim can be medically very beneficial.

The Lipotrim programme is available at Hope Farm Pharmacy now, and people interested will need to check in with the pharmacist first to make sure that the programme is suitable for them. 

To find out more about the Lipotrim service at hope Farm Pharmacy follow them on Twitter @HopeFarmPharm or find them on Facebook.

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