Time to think about Flu!

(Posted on 22/09/16)

Time to think about Flu!

For many of us, flu is an unpleasant experience which usually clears up within a week, with little medical intervention.  But for some people flu can be complicated and severe.

The NHS offer a FREE flu vaccination each year to help the at risk people in our community.  The over 65s, pregnant women and adults with an underlying health condition or weakened immune system, are all eligible for a FREE flu jab.

Ebrahim Lulat, Pharmacy Manager at Felixstowe Pharmacy said “There are benefits to getting your vaccination at a pharmacy.  Here at Felixstowe Pharmacy you can pop in without an appointment, and you don’t need to worry about taking time off work as we’re open early until late 7 days a week!”

“We also offer private flu vaccinations for anyone who isn’t eligible but wants to protect themselves from the flu this year,” said Ebrahim.  “Just ask a member of our team if you’re unsure about your eligibility.”

“We’re looking forward to vaccinating our local community and together helping to keep the effects of flu to a minimum.”

For more information on the 2016/17 NHS flu vaccination, please visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/pages/flu-influenza-vaccine.aspx

To find out more about Felixstowe Pharmacy’s services, visit www.felixstowepharmacy.co.uk, follow us on Twitter @felixstowepharm, find us on Facebook or call in and speak to us at Felixstowe Pharmacy, Grove Medical Centre, Grove Road, Felixstowe, IP11 9GA.  Telephone 01394 285329. 
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