Crewkerne Pharmacy Supports Back to School Health

(Posted on 22/09/14)

Crewkerne Pharmacy Supports Back to School Health
Staff at Crewkerne Pharmacy in Crewkerne are highlighting the importance of children’s health when the new school term starts by reminding parents to remain vigilant about head lice.

Andy McKee, manager at Crewkerne Pharmacy, said: “It’s really important for parents with school-age children to be aware of the risk of head lice. They are extremely contagious and, quite often, will go unnoticed and undetected for at least a month.

“We offer a range of products for head lice prevention and treatment, and can advise on how to use them successfully. We also stock a new insecticide-free mousse that kills both the lice and their eggs in a single, easy 15-minute treatment.”

You can receive treatment for head lice from the pharmacist at Crewkerne Pharmacy without an appointment. The pharmacy provides treatment for a variety of minor ailments such as, skin conditions, Verrucas and eye infections.

To find out more about Crewkerne Pharmacy’s services, follow them on Twitter @crewkernepharm, find them on Facebook or call in and speak to them at Crewkerne Pharmacy, Crewkerne Health Centre, Middle Path, Crewkerne, TA18 8BX.

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