Smoking Cessation

At Congleton Pharmacy we provide you with the support you need to help you give up smoking.

What happens when you go to a stop smoking session?

Stop smoking

NHS stop smoking sessions are held at Congleton Pharmacy. If you have ever considered stopping smoking you may also have wondered what happens when you attend a session to get NHS support. 

What happens?

Your first session will probably last about 20 minutes. To start off your stop smoking advisor will take some details and a brief medical history.

They will then ask you some questions to find out how much you smoke, when you smoke, and whether you are a light, moderate or heavy smoker. This information will help the advisor to decide which stop smoking products such tablets, gum or patches etc will be best for you.

At this first session you’ll also be asked to take a carbon monoxide test – this will tell the advisor how much carbon monoxide (a toxic gas in cigarette smoke)is in your body and gives an indication of whether you are a light or heavy smoker.  The test is completely painless and involves holding your breath for a few seconds and breathing into a hand-held monitor with a tube attached. Your advisor will tell you what your reading is and what it means.

They’ll then talk you through all the different types of stop smoking products that are available and suggest which ones might suit you best to help you quit smoking for good.

Anything else I should know?

Yes, at this first session you’ll also be asked to pick a quit date so that you know when your quit attempt started and be able to track your progress.

Where will I get the stop smoking products - like gum and nicotine patches - from?

Smoking cessation

For any of the nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products - for example patches, gum or inhalators - your stop smoking advisor will be able to provide you with the necessary products. For other medications, for example Champix, your stop smoking advisor will submit a request letter to your GP practice where a prescription will be issued. Please note the prescription will be issued at the discretion of your GP and will take approximately 48 hours. Your stop smoking advisor will manage this for you.

And what happens after that first session?

After your first session you’ll be invited to come back once every week so that you can talk about any problems you may be having and get support from your advisor. Each week your advisor will get you to take a carbon monoxide test to show that you are still smokefree and you will be provided with your next batch of products.

What happens if I have a slip up? Will I be kicked off?

Definitely not. Your advisor is there to motivate you and to help you have the best possible chance of being successful to stop smoking. They won’t judge you or give you a hard time if you have a slip up.

NHS stop smoking services at Congleton Pharmacy are tried and tested. Evidence shows that you are four times more likely to quit and to remain quit after a year with NHS support rather than going it alone - so why wait? Call 01260 277 149 today and start your journey to become smoke free.